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25% of all Gift Card sales will be given to our employees now through the end of the mandated shut down.

*gift cards can be used at either location. Select either Lowell or westford location to support your team of choice! Thank you from your fuse family.

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Beer & Wine now available with takeout. Selection on our online ordering platform.

Take Out Menu

underlined items can be prepared gluten free. please mention allergies when ordering.

ZIPPY CHICKEN WINGS | 10 | spicy ginger sauce; basil ranch

CRISPY BUFFALO CAULIFLOWER | 10 | Great Hill bleu cheese crema

THIN CRUST PIZZA | 12 | 10 inch crust; house pulled mozzarella, red sauce, Parmesan Reggiano

CAULIFLOWER CRUST FLATBREAD | 15 | truffled fontina cheese, roasted mushrooms, applewood bacon, roasted squash

KOREAN BBQ CHICKEN TENDERS | 10 | cilantro slaw, lime sour cream

GRUYERE TOTS | 6 | housemade tater tots, chipotle cream sauce

CAESAR SALAD | 8 | romaine, housemade dressing, Parmesan Reggiano; Add chicken or steak $5

ORGANIC GREENS SALAD | 8 | mixed greens, pickled carrots & beets, candied walnuts, port plumped cranberries, cider vinaigrette; add chicken or steak $5



STEAK & FRITES | 22 | 8oz hanger steak, spinach salad, tomato relish, house cut truffle salted fries

STEAK TIP SALAD | 17 | grilled steak tips, romaine, buttermilk ranch, tomatoes, Great Bleu cheese, applewood bacon

RED CURRY | 18 | vegetables, coconut rice, add grilled chicken or tofu $5

SEARED TUNA TACOS | 22 | blackened tuna (rare), cilantro slaw, daily salsa, jalapeño creme fraiche; mixed greens or fries

HOUSEMADE PASTA : SHORT RIB BOLOGNESE | 18 | housemade spaghettini, Parmesan Reggiano

COCONUT RICE BOWL | 12 | coconut milk steamed jasmine rice, teriyaki glazed vegetables, toasted sesame seeds; add grilled chicken, fried tofu or grilled steak tips $5

The following entrees are served with your choice of mashed potatoes, roasted Farmer Dave’s potatoes, coconut rice or house cut fries as well as your choice of green beans with roasted carrots, roasted butternut squash, asparagus or garlic wilted spinach

FRIED CHICKEN DINNER | 17 | black pepper gravy, starch & vegetable choice

SEARED CHICKEN BREAST | 19 | skin on statler chicken breast, port wine sauce; choice of starch and vegetable

BRAISED SHORT RIB | 23 | port jus; choice of starch and vegetable

 STEAK TIPS | 18 | grilled filet mignon steak tips, port wine sauce; choice of starch or vegetable

BURGERS & sandwiches

CRUNCH BURGER | 11 | beef burger, bbq, smoked cheddar, chips on top; house cut fries or greens

SPICY BURGER | 11 | beef burger; pepper jack cheese sauce, fried pickles & jalapeños; house cut fries or greens

CHEF BURGER | 13 | beef burger; gruyere, applewood bacon, sunny egg; house cut fries or greens

GRILLED CHICKEN BLT | 14 | applewood bacon, grilled chicken breast, lettuce, tomato, chive aioli; house cut fries or greens

BLACKENED TUNA BLT | 16 | seared rare; applewood bacon, tomato, wasabi aioli, lettuce; house cut fries or greens

BEYOND BURGER | 16 | crunch or spicy style (see above descriptions) house cut fries or greens

FUSE RUEBEN | 12 | grilled filet tips, mushrooms, Russian dressing, kraut, gruyere; house cut fries or greens

CORNED BEEF REUBEN | 12 | nitrate free house corned beef, Russian dressing, kraut, gruyere cheese; greens or fries

BUFFALO CHICKEN SANDWICH | 12 | toasted bun, fried chicken, housemade buffalo sauce, ranch; house cut fries or greens

SOUP & GRILLED CHEESE | 10 | broccoli soup, grilled cheese sandwich (soup will change daily check back!)



*complimentary house made focaccia bread will be included with orders while supplies last

Before placing your order please mention all food allergies to your server. Underlined items can be prepared gluten free.

Saratoga Springs Bottled Water (glass bottle)
Small (Still or Sparkling) $2
Large (still or sparkling) $3
Soda Cans $2
Coke, Diet, Sprite, Gingerale, Root Beer
Unsweetened iced tea $2
Pineapple Spritz | $3 | pineapple juice, basil syrup, soda water

Flourless Chocolate Lava Cake available while they last; served with housemade vanilla ice cream & strawberry sauce

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